Using Sound Methods to Market Fitness Coaching

Using sound methods to market fitness coaching should be a high priority for any fitness person with a business related to personal training and the like. Remember that marketing is a strong companion to the act of advertising. It’s a concept and a plan, at the same time. And the two activities will probably be highly important when it comes to selling professional fitness coaching.

Since we live in the Internet Age, it should be obvious that one of the best ways to market your services is through a quality website. It should look good and be free of spelling or grammar errors, and isn’t confusing to site visitors. Also, make it relevant to the expected audience, and that it’s about their issues and not about how great you are as a trainer or fitness coach.

This isn’t meant to be a slam against the fitness coach, but it is meant to point out that these people care more about their fitness problems or wants and needs than they do about you. So, understand that much as in any other business that plans for marketing, make the site 80 percent about them and only 20 percent about you. If you’re unsure how, take a look at known successful fitness websites and study how they set up their own Web presence.

Once you’ve put together a good site that talks to the correct audience and deals with how you can help them with their fitness needs, you need to start driving traffic to it. This can be accomplished through various means, once of which is getting fitness articles out onto the Internet. These articles will be by you (even if they’re ghostwritten) and will feature your website at the bottom of each one.

The articles are a good mechanism for increasing visits to the site because readers out there who find these articles on various article directories will be curious and may just go visit the site. This has the effect of increasing the site’s rank. Hopefully, it’ll eventually land on the first three pages, which studies show most people don’t usually surf past, sad to say. Also, consider taking out a few Internet banner ads or even a few Google AdSense ads. They can be less-expensive than paying for advertising in local papers and magazines, and are usually just as effective, as a matter of fact.

Additionally, don’t neglect the actual real-world activities involved in marketing fitness coaching. Have a sound marketing and advertising plan and evaluate the direction in which your activities are headed. Have flyers made up that are more than just photocopied pen-and-ink renderings. Take some time to have attractive and informative brochures created, too. Finally, look into having a good salesletter made which you can then send out to an email list of potential clients. You can buy the list from a list seller, to start. The people on this list are basically okay with receiving things in their inbox, so don’t sweat sending them this letter.

You also need to market yourself and your service by being at health fairs and sporting or athletic events. It’s at these things that you can pass out flyers and brochures, business cards and other items, like a complimentary generic diet and exercise plan, for instance. Giving people stuff like this also helps make them more receptive to a fitness coaching marketing pitch. Keep in mind, also, to take a weekly look at your marketing and advertising plan and adjust it as needed.